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DA is elegant and sophisticated in a discrete and long-lasting way.


The simple design of DA hides details of pure beauty, that a sophisticated eye can catch and appreciate. DA is pure substance, underlined by the texture of our stainless steel AISI 316L, and it is the perfect choice for those who look for something that will last  a lifetime.



In every home the most used tap is that of kitchen. Godanaa interprets the kitchen in a functional way : form follows function.

The collection GK expresses durability and reliability with simple lines destined to last over time.

The essential design of the brushed steel finish integrates perfectly with the most recent kitchens, giving life to a minimal and modern environment, while the PVD finishes they are more suitable for stylish environments neo-classical (gold) or industrial (black and copper).


GO is a minimalistic design style for a multifunctional control of water in the bathroom environment.


The minimal design of GO speaks for its simple and long-lasting characteristics.


The modular configuration of taps, showers and accessories will make your bathroom a true private wellness zone, to enjoy relaxation and peacefulness in intimacy.



GD Godanaa allows you to complete and enrich your bathroom environment with modular components and bathroom accessories, that are combined in a coordinated way with both collections, GO and DA.


The excellent craft and superior quality of the finishes are in tune with the style of our two collections, and allow a variety of solutions for your bathroom environment.

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