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Godanaa guarantees its products for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase, to be demonstrated with an invoice or other fiscally valid document, Godanaa guarantees the user that its products are free from defects in material, production and construction.

During the warranty period, Godanaa will be liable for all manufacturing defects.

The repair of these defects will be unquestionably decided by Godanaa, replacing the entire product or only the damaged components, possibly repairing it.

The warranty is not valid in the following cases:

  • improper use of the product and / or maintenance

  • damage caused by transport;

  • repairs carried out by unskilled and authorized personnel

  • normal wear

  • breakages caused by frost or external bodies

  • inaccurate installation and not relevant to the assembly instructions

  • house ruptures from external agents (atmospheric, fire, natural disasters, wars and riots)

  • failure to comply with the technical and maintenance requirements specified below

Furthermore, the guarantee is not valid in the event that suitable documentation proving the purchase is missing.

To activate the warranty, the damaged product must be returned to Godanaa in its original packaging with the proof of purchase.

The costs of disassembly and reassembly of the product, travel expenses and costs of the intervention by specialized personnel, in addition to the figured costs due to the unavailability of the product are in any case excluded from the guarantee.

Technical requirements:

  • it is recommended to install filter taps, keeping them regularly clean

  • the product must not be installed in case of water pressure higher than 5 bar and in case of higher pressure it is recommended to use a pressure reducer

  • The water temperature must not exceed 70 ° C

  • the water inlet pipes must be rinsed before installing the product

  • the grounding of an electrical installation must never be in contact with a hose or a water pipe

  • in case of prolonged absence, the plumbing system must be closed

  • the aerators must be regularly disassembled and cleaned of limescale which can obstruct the normal flow of water


To clean the surfaces, use liquid detergents  or soap lye . 
In no case can abrasive products, acids, bleach be used, which could irreparably damage the product. The surfaces must be cleaned only with a soft cloth and water or with delicate cleaning products. The use of unsuitable cleaning products may damage the surfaces e  such damage is not covered by warranty. Residues on the limescale surface contained in running water can be prevented by drying the product after use with a soft cloth.

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