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Steel 316L


Three words, one philosophy. And much more. Godanaa offers you, through a direct, exclusive and preferred channel, unique and customizable taps, made of pure and eco-friendly steel.




Unique. Thanks to our thirty years of experience in the world of design, production and marketing of stainless steel taps.

Unique. As our choice to sell exclusively online, directly from the producer to the final customer.

Unique. Like all of our products, identified with a serial number.

All of this allows us to reduce costs and be able to offer taps of superior quality at highly competitive prices.


Pure. Like 316L steel, the steel that guarantees the highest level of stain resistance and durability, antibacterial and recyclable.

Pure. Because made FULLY in AISI 316L steel. Every metal component of a Godanaa tap, including the parts built in the wall or floor, is made of AISI 316L steel.


Some of our competitors use a much less precious steel (AISI 304) or even brass for internal components: Godanaa only uses stainless steel components for every single part of each product.






Yours. Like the high degree of personalization offered by Godanaa.

The choice of the product that best suits your needs is done on three levels:

  • Installation: modular products that allow different water distribution solutions

  • Finishes: from the classic brushed steel finish to any additional surface finish you can request (production time and costs may vary)

  • Logo: at your request the products can be sold “No Logo”, with the Godanaa logo, an emerging brand, or a motto.

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