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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Stainlees steel tap's adavantage

When it comes to choosing the perfect tap for your home, it can be an overwhelming decision. Material, style, function and price all combine to make your choice extra tricky! The primary importance, although wanting to aesthetically please, is the quality and durability of your tap. With options like Godanaa’s tapware, your choice is made easy when wanting to ensure a lifetime of function and satisfaction.

To guarantee longevity, the options lie within the material used. Brass and Stainless Steel are the two main streams of materials used for tapware on the market. Although brass taps are more common and often coated in chrome to give that shiny, stainless steel look, they are actually doing both you and the environment more harm than good!

Brass taps contains lead and arsenic, which will in fact synthesis with your water over time.

As well as the insanitary effect that brass may have on your water, brass taps have also been criticized due to the harmful effect on the environment that the chrome plating process can cause.

Due to the manufacturing process of chrome taps, the interior surfaces are often textured. Over time, debris in your water slowly accumulates; building up dirty black grime that lines the inside of your tap. The taste and quality of your water can be distorted, consequently imposing on your health.

Alternatively, stainless steel taps provide mountains of benefits in terms of quality, function and durability. One of the major differences between brass and stainless steel taps is the variation of interior surfaces. Whilst brass taps possess uneven, rough surfaces as discussed above, stainless steel taps are as smooth on the inside as they are on the outside. This forbids the build-up of any grime and muck in order to keep your waterways clean and fresh!

As can be seen in the pictures below, the inside of a brass tap contains rough surfaces that slowly accumulate black grime which begin to occlude the waterway and mix with your fresh drinking water. Alternatively, the inside of a stainless steel tap remains completely sterile and uncontaminated.Before purchasing your tap, read over the tips below and find out why a stainless steel tap is the right choice for you!


Although a tap may be advertised as stainless steel, there are many different types of stainless steel that are produced for different purposes. 316L grade stainless steel is the hardest and most durable stainless steel for tapware on the market so look out for taps completely produced in AISI 316L stainless steel like Godanaa that will guarantee clear quality and undeniable benefits.


Stainless steel provides a smooth, easy to clean surface that will not produce small pores or crevices where bacteria may otherwise harbour. The brushed finish that one may opt for will reduce the fingerprint marks so that your tap is always looking freshly cleaned.


Being the strongest material on the market for tapware, 316L grade stainless steel is both hard and durable ensuring that your tap will neither dent nor bend over its lengthy lifetime. Due to the solid nature of the metal that is the same composition the whole way through, scratches can be buffed out with no need for a re-coat of colour or polish.


The natural finish of a stainless steel tap is brushed , to show as best as possible the materic beauty of the steel’s surface. If you prfere the chromed brass look, this can be achieved with all the qualities of a stainless steel tap ordering our polished finish.

Stainless steel taps are without doubt an obvious choice and will ensure years of life and function.


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