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GD 91.000 - Basin siphon

All GODANAA products are built with pure stainless 316L Steel, with a brushed finish and without any logo. Designed and built for modularity and to be eternal, they can be personalized with the Godanaa logo or any other logo, name, motto chosen by the client, and with a different finish (metallic or a color of choice).

GD 91.000 - Basin siphon

SKU: GD 91.000
260,00 €Price
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  • Description

    All products GODANAA are made entirely of pure AISI 316L steel, in a brushed finish without any logo. Designed to be modular and eternal, they can be customized with the Godanaa logo or with another choice by the customer (a logo, a name, a motto or a graphic sign) and with a different finish (metallic or colored).

  • Delivery time

    1-2 weeks for the brushed finish; variable for personalized orders.



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