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Taps can change the design of a room, embellish it or trivialize it. Over the years all the companies operating in this sector have made progress in terms of finishes and today we can choose between different methods and solutions to achieve more refined and appreciable effects from an aesthetic point of view.

Moreover, seeing the market trends, it can be said that the finished faucet is not a "passing fashion" but rather a real MUST for design houses.


The PVD finish is the most recent and innovative among the different possibilities. Its characteristic features are high and exceptional brilliance or opacity.

If the consumer wants a durable, scratch-resistant, hygienic and environmentally friendly faucet, this is the option to choose.

PVD does not suffer from saline environments and resists UV rays and in fact this process is also used in high-end jewelry to prevent corrosion.


PVD means Physical VapourDeposition, therefore the process is vacuum-sealed by vaporation of the "metals" that will compose the finished product. The transport of the finish takes place through a vapor that is loaded by a low pressure ionizing gas, is sprayed on the product and deposition is favored by the presence


The product in special finish of Godanaa are almost all subjected to this treatment to ensure the final consumer the highest quality of the product.

In addition, this process is also 100% ecological as it does not involve the disposal of chemicals, polluting emissions into the atmosphere or water discharge to be contaminated.


The galvanic application of a finishing layer is common to many taps, especially the most economical and low quality. It is a coating process in which a raw metal (in most cases brass) is coated with a more noble metal (chrome).

These metal coatings give the product greater resistance to corrosion than they would have from the raw and also give a better appearance.

The treatment is carried out by immersion in an electrolyte bath with chemicals.

It remains a backward and also extremely environmentally damaging method.


These are mainly white and black finishes.These are obtained by coating the product with various coats of polyurethane paint.

The process consists in starting from a disability base, which is first painted in white,

This finish compared to PVD turns out to be more delicate as we are still talking about a coating on the tap, unlike the other treatment.


Only for particular types such as opaque white (impossible to obtain with the PVD procedure), we opt for this solution.

However, the entire process is done manually in order to obtain an extremely high quality product.


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